From a University Students Perspective

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Are you wondering if you should buy a scooter? Well, you are in the right place! This article will cover the pros and cons of scooters, also a review of my scooter, the Aovo Pro.

As a university student, I got sick and tired of paying the extravagant fees of…

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We see Facebook as a platform that connects us with others. Heck, this is not even limited to Facebook. But any social media out there promotes new ways for us to connect with each other.

As humans, our primary function is to connect with people and communicate. Although social media…

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I’ve used quite a few email marketing tools, ones that are free to use, and others you need to pay for. Which one is the best?

From my experience, the best tool by far is Flodesk. Their pricing is super simple. …

A must-read if you are aspiring to be a writer

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This article is a must-read for all Medium writers. And that is not to put it lightly. With my one successful article, my whole writing strategy has changed and for good reasons too!

Medium Related Articles Are The Worst Way To Build Your Income

The issue with writing articles about writing is the lack of continual income. …

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This article has one purpose, to persuade you to stop treating your writing career like a job and have fun with it instead!

I’ve been away from the writing game for a few months now and had a brilliant revelation from writing one more article.

This revelation is for those…

Written by a student who escaped the low-end job grind

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Some people have jobs with no sight of progression or career opportunities. This article will tell you my tips on how to leave your dead-end job for a better one.

Most of the people I talked to are sad about their current career situation and see no hope to escape…

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Imagine spending 3 years in a relationship that was a complete lie. From the moment you held hands to the nights you spend together.

1 year ago that was me. I was manipulated and lied to for the betterment of this one individual, till now I am still in doubt…

Was it worth it?

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Imagine spending thousands of dollars on dating programs. Would you gain unfound knowledge or become broke from it?

In this article, I will tell you the things I have learned, the problems I faced and more, whilst saving you money.

My First Ever Program

When I purchased a dating program costing £400, they promised…

#8 Look at pictures of cute animals

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Are you having a bad day? It may seem impossible to get over a crappy day. I know for me I have been feeling quite under the weather lately from watching current news in London.

But why should you care if you are having a shitty day? One shitty day…

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